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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Graduation 'July 2013

I'm almost a year behind in posts, I know. Wish I could say I've been too busy with work/family/students/colleagues etc but the truth is that I'm too lazy every time I log into Blogger. So be thankful I even decided to post this at all hehehehe...

And as per usual, this will be a picture centred post... centred around my GRADUATION!!

*Ahem, ahem... I now hold a "Bachelor of Music with Honours (Violin Performance)" Degree *

It was a pretty big affair, and it was held at the University Cultural Centre, located right next to the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. And being the most supportive people in my life, my entire family came down to watch me collect a roll of paper from the President of NUS  graduate. 

My aunts and sis:

4 years back during orientation:

Huy, Linh and myself (with the most horrendous haircut EVER):

My face on the big screen:

Class of 2013:

Prof Craig De Wilde giving his speech:

Me getting my scroll!

Pan Chang showing off performing:

NUS Valedictorian:

Balloons galore!

Ray with his mom and sis:

Uncle with mom and grandpa enjoying the food:

Form left: Ray, James, me, Mom, Lou and Ivan:

La Famiglia:

With grandpa:

With grandpa, aunt and uncle:

From left: Dad, Grandpa, me, Mom and Aunt:


With my biggest supporter (tied with Popo - who I wish could be there):

My favourite people in the world:

Found myself constantly wishing that Popo could be there, but then I told myself that she was watching from wherever she is cause she wouldn't miss my graduation for anything in the world - even an appointment with Him. *hmpf*

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