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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Korea Beauty Haul (Nuganic, MISSHA, UGB)

This is long overdue, but here are all the beauty-related stuff I got from Korea last December.

Nuganic Pure Snail Cream:

I use this as night cream, and it's working wonders! My skin doesn't break out anymore, and the cream doesn't make my face oily the next day. Will be very sad once I run out, because I don't think they have this brand in Singapore/Malaysia yet.

UGB Eye Cream:

I have yet to try this out, but my mom has, and apparently it's good.

UGB Crystal BB Cream:

I'm still using my TheFaceShop BB Cream (which seems to last forever) so it's gonna be awhile till I take this one out of the box.

UGB Face Mask:

Feels very luxurious on the skin, and after you peel it off, your skin feels really bouncy and smooth!


Again, have yet to open because TheFaceShop BB Cream's seem to have a bottomless pit even though I use it daily!

MISSHA Nail Polish:

My favourite:

This babies were unbelievably cheap. Like REALLY cheap. The ones you see above were going for only SGD2-3 each! Plus the quality rivals brands like OPI and China Glaze. There are a few MISSHA outlets in Singapore, but it's really expensive compared to the prices in Korea. *DUH*

MISSHA nail art tools:

MISSHA angled brush:

Another steal. The bristles are REALLY soft and it only cost SGD2!


Love love love this scent. I'm not much of a perfume person, but I couldn't resist getting this because it was only SGD30!!!

Update: Blog posts will probably be up only once a month now because I've started work. So bear with me as I attempt to clear my backlog of posts. Cheers!

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