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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Botanical Gardens, Singapore (PICNIC)

I have to admit, I didn't have Singapore panned out as a country to have a picnic in, but I was proven wrong a couple months back when Shin decided to organize one with the YST folks.

It looked like we would have to retreat indoors at one point because it started raining like no tomorrow, but thankfully, the downpour stopped and we headed to our picnic spot.

Candid pic:

From left: Shin, Bev, Wen Rong and Gabriel

From left: James, Me, Serene, her brother (forgot his name haha)
Our spread:

Dominic, from Germany
Surrounded by greenery:

What's a YST outing without alcohol?

Jon doing the honours:

It started drizzling again, so we decided to move indoors for games!

It was boys versus girls for TABOO! Girls won by a few points ;) #kiasu #girlpower


I'm not a picnic person, to be honest, but I really enjoyed being in this one. =) A word of advise to people who want to have picnics at Botanical Gardens, do bring mats/something to sit on, because there are ants and other creepy crawlies around so you'd want to protect your ass from getting bitten/stung/poked et cetera.

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