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Sunday, 28 July 2013

ONsemble @ Gardens by the Bay

Right-o, here's another LONG overdue post. My backlog of blog posts are getting so long that I probably have enough material to blog with until year 2015. 

But I digress.

ONsemble is the first group of musicians invited to play in the "Flower Dome" at Gardens by the Bay. It was an interesting experience, playing amongst trees and flowers of all sorts. For a split second I was waiting for someone to go: the hills are aliiiiiive ~

For more pictures of the plants in the Dome, refer to THIS blog post.

Anyways, here are the official photographs taken that evening:

That's Professor Craig de Wilde speaking to the Australian High Commissioner. 

The Orchestra

Raymond Chan, Conductor/Pianist

Lin Shu, Flute

Chester, Bassoon

Jia Xing, Violin

Zi Qiao, Oboe

Liu Yi, Violin

Vadim, French Horn

Bethany, Trumpet

Hang Oh, Cello

Clarissa, Violin


James and I

Zyrene and Ray

James, Ray and I

Lee Chieh and I

Closer look at what I wore:

What I changed back into:

More coming up soon!

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