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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Korea Trip 2012 - Part 6 (Nami Island, GyeongBokGong, DongDaeMun)

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have bucket loads of blog posts to clear because the Korea ones are so long so bear with me. ;)

At this point of the trip, we were so thoroughly used to the cold that -5 degrees Celsius was WARM to us. O_O!! 

This was at Nami Island:

Getting Coffee:

Uncle Ho and Dad:

Let me tell you, having a cuppa hot coffee in subzero temperatures is AWESOME!

I don't know whether they're ducks or geese lol:

We then proceeded to a museum-sort building, and dad couldn't resist doing this:

Dad and Ivan posing:

Fried rice with DeokBokki!

Mom and dad:

Getting ready to walk to GyeongBokGung:

Outside GyeongBokGung:

Mom and Dad:

The Ng(s), Ho(s) and Chiam(s):

Mom and bro:

The Ng(s):

Beautiful, no?


After shopping for 2 hours, we were hunting for dinner:

And found a nice place hidden in a corner of the street:

Street snack:

We went to catch a show called FantaStick! Which is easily the best comic musical I've ever watched. It's gut wrenchingly funny and man... you CANNOT miss this if you're ever in Korea.

That's Ni Hen (second from the right) who got yanked up onstage:

After laughing our behinds off (quite literally) we put up here:


This was at a Ginseng shop the next day:

Lou, Mom and Ivan:

About to board the bus:

This was near the Women's University in Seoul:

Mom with her coffee:

Last part will be up soon!

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