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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Korea Trip 2012 - Part 7 (KimChi School, Incheon Airport)

The last leg of our Korea Trip.

I'm depressed just thinking about it. 

Nuff said.

Our last stop was at Seoul's KimChi School:

I don't know why I had that expression on my face. O_O

Most of us couldn't keep our eyes open:

Making our own batch of KimChi:

My "masterpiece":

Up close:

We then proceeded downstairs to...

Take pictures in traditional costumes:

Lou, mom and I:

Ivan and Dad:

Sis and I with a life size poster of Rain:


Uncle Chiam:

Bro acting all suave:


Dad in his Emporer costume:

Lou, Zi Yen and I:

From left: Lou, Shien Yin, Zi Yen, Sue Yin and I:

Ivan and Dad trying to look serious:

Lou and Aunt:

Lou, Mom and I posing:

The Ng-Clan:

The 3 Kings:

The Kings and their wives:

The Royal Ng Family:

3 Royal Families. Lol.

All too soon, we had to head to the airport.

The Ng clan with our trusty tour guide:

This is, hands down, in my top 5 for best holidays with the family. Will definitely head back there when I get the chance!

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