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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Korea Trip 2012 - Part 4 (Everland)

Yes yes yes... this is WAYYY overdue, but it's Chinese New Year!! So I've been busy. (Eating, mainly)

Anyways, here's part 4!!

The live octopus that we didn't dare eat:

It was snowing violently that night!

Mom flashing a smile after escaping indoors:

Aunt and I at lunch the next day:

The Three Stooges:

Mom and Aunty Candy:

At Everland:

Don't be fooled by the sunlight. It was FREEZING that day, like -15 degree Celsius. Thankfully there were heating stations every hundred meters, which resulted in scenes like this:

Cable Car ride:


This Daddy Lion got a bit... horny and proceeded to hump the nearest lioness:

Beautiful White Tiger:

Tiger + Lion = Liger!

The "Merong" bear:

"Oppa Bear Style"

Bro with Ni Hen:

I don't know why my mom had that expression on her face O_O

The pretty night lights:

Bro and Mom:

Dinner that night:

We cooked the meat ourselves, which made it taste better!

I'm salivating just thinking about that meal. For real.

It was Christmas that day, so I scratched this on the window inside the bus (Yes it was THAT cold):

Monday, 4 February 2013

Korea Trip 2012 - Part 3 (3D Museum)

This is probably one of my top three favorite places in Korea (so far), cause we had the most fun here. Continue browsing and you'll know why.

We went to a 3D museum.

No, not those you where you put on a pair of (very unfashionable) sunglasses-looking-thing and squint at a screen.

I mean, this kind of 3D museum:

Yes. 3D paintings. We had an insanely good time choreographing poses for most of the things we saw. And, as per usual, we were laughing all the way.

Dad caught cheating with Jasmine lol:

Dad blending in:

Wishful thinking:

Bro showing off:

Sis on a runaway horse:

Sis and I:


Dad and Kim Yuna:

Lou and Kim Yuna:

Don't mess with mothers:

Or Louisa:


Look who's in this class:

My classmates were Einstein and Hawking. I'm cool like that:

Louisa's epic expression:

Dad and mom running away from the end of the world:

Ow, that's gotta hurt:



Mysterious staircase:

Bro feeling short:

We had the most fun with this one:

This was how much we thought our poses through:

I wish I could do this and get away with it:

And so would mom. HAHA!

Mom and Lou:

Lou scaling the building:

Now how did she get up there??

Mom and Dad:

Part IV will be up next!

Stay tuned for my Korea shopping haul post!