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Monday, 14 January 2013

Prep for Korea Trip 2012 (Uniqlo, H&M, Daiso, GMarket, TheFaceShop, Burt's Bees)

We all know that when we go for a trip overseas, money will be spent even before you board the plane. More so if you're heading to a country where it is snowing. So here are the few things that kept my body intact when I went to Korea.

Guan Yu had previously mentioned that a friend of hers swears by Uniqlo's heat-tech products, so I decided to give them a go.

Stuff from Uniqlo:

Uniqlo fleece turtleneck:

Heat-Tech Knitted Leggings:

Heat Tech Thermal Top:

Put it this way... I will never EVER buy thermals from anywhere else apart from Uniqlo. Yes, they were that good.

Got an amazing sweater from H&M for SGD39.90:

Doesn't look very attractive there (points upwards) but the cut of the sweater's actually really nice. You'll see when I (eventually) do my outfit post for Korea.

SGD2 stuff from Daiso including earmuffs:

When you go to places where temperatures drop to -20 degrees Celsius, these are effing amazing. It kept my ears attached to my head, for one, and for 2 dollars, these babies were definitely worth every dollar.

Arm warmers:

Won't say much about these, but if your coat doesn't quite cover your wrist then this would do the trick.

Some additional sweaters bought online:

Eventually gave this to my sister cause it was a bit baggy for me but fit her quite okay.

Surprisingly thick and comfortable.


You know how winter coats (good ones, at least) cost typically from SGD100 onwards? Well, I got this amazing looking red one for...

*drum rolls*


HAHAHAHA! Yes, I'm a cheapo. I took a gamble on this one... I mean, come on, SGD35 for a bloody WINTER COAT?? 

AND it kept me warm up until the temperature decreased to less than -5 degrees Celsius, so that is pretty awesome.

Some TheFaceShop essentials:

Herb Day Cotton Face Wipes:

Aqua Tinted BB Cream:

This is the 2nd tube I've bought. I swear by this product cause it gives decent coverage, matches my skin tone well AND is very VERY VERY moisturizing. 


I always apply a layer of this before I put BB cream on. Absolutely love this product too.

The last beauty product I spent on were Burt's Bees' Lip Shimmers:

Guan Yu got her hands on them first, and highly recommended them, so I decided to give them a go.

Plum Prune:

This shade is the darkest of the lot, and when I applied this, my sister said I looked as if I had just had some blood for a snack. Lol!

Peony Pivoine:

My favorite of the lot, because the color is not too intense and will go well with anything you choose to wear.


This just gives a nice shimmery effect, but if you have naturally pale lips, I suggest layering a lip tint underneath this lip shimmer.

That's all from me, on the must-have products when visiting a cold country!

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