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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Coffee Club, October 2012

James and I had 2 hours to spare before our bus left, so we decided to have a bite at the Coffee Club.

The interior:

My bus-ride-comfy clothes:
Ralph Lauren polo tee + Levi's jeans

James' dessert:

Shepherd's pie: 

This is not quite a review cause well... we didn't have that much while we were there. Will do one when I go with a proper group and eat a proper meal!

On a side note.......



Now I wonder if Yun Ho will be in Seoul/ Jeju Island while I'm there.... XD


Lina An said...

hahahahaha….STILL with Yunho? It's freezing there so, hope the family is all bundled up warmly! Find out on cosmetics coz they've got the latest! Plus, buy products and get a lot of free samples! gaaahh… so jealous!! Hehehe…have a good trip! And take lots of pictures!!! <3

Clarissa said...

Hey thanks! Yes, I've still got a thing for tall and manly (and dancing) Koreans. Just as eye candy though. XD And yeah it's estimated to be around -6 to -12!! So we've been warned, and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on their skin products!