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Saturday, 10 November 2012

espresSoup @ Star Vista, Singapore

As expected of Singapore, they've opened up a brand new shopping mall just outside the Buona Vista MRT. So Chai Suang, James and I decided to check the place out on one of our (rare) free evenings.

Very spacious:

I think they were going for an outdoorsy concept:

We were roaming around the place trying to decide on where to eat, and finally settled for this place:

The interior:


This was REALLY good, but it's very filling so I was sludging through it after a few mouthfuls. Ended up trading with James' Quesadillas.

Chai Suang's Spicy Spaghetti:

She liked this too, but preferred my Carbonara, so in the end it was me with James' dish, James with Chai Suang's dish and Chai Suang with my dish. LOL!

James' Quesadillas:

Food: 8/10. The mains were great, though I didn't fancy the complimentary soup that came with it. You should try out the bread bowls though - it's what they put the soup in, for those who don't know.
Price: 7/10. Not too steep for the quality you're getting.
Verdict: Definitely worth a return visit.

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