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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Shiseido Haul

Picked up a few things from Shiseido the other day.

The pouch I got for free:


This concealer is the best I've had thus far. It does the job but doesn't get flaky halfway through the day. 

Maquillage Coral Lip Gloss:

This is what the color looks like:

Madly in love with this. I usually swipe a thin layer of it on top of my Urban Decay Lip Tint to soften the red to a natural-looking beige color.

Rinse-off cleansing gel:

This is an absolute God-sent. Your skin feels very moisturized after washing it off, unlike most face washes which leaves your skin feeling clean, but dry.

Immediately put the pouch to full use:

Some of the eye shadow/blush palettes I own:

It even has a mirror!

After I was done stuffing it to the brim:

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