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Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Loaf @ Pavilion

James and I were on one of our random outings (I'm reluctant to call them "dates" - too cheesy), and decided to try out...

 The Loaf!

They have a smaller confectionary downstairs, but we were hungry:

On the menu:

Orange Juice:

Chicken Curry, Toast and Egg (with Coffee or Tea) Set:

James' huge burger:

Now where do I start??

Price: 8/10. It's well worth what you're paying for. The serving is HUGE! If you eat like a bird then I suggest you share a main dish with another bird-like eater. XD
Food: 8/10. Scrumptious! The curry was flavorsome (a wee bit heavy for me personally), the toast divine and the eggs boiled just right. 
Verdict: Will definitely make a return visit!

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