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Thursday, 6 September 2012

SUmmer Getaway 2012 (FINAL) - Last Day in KK

I woke up feeling a bit depressed cause the rest of the day involved going back down to the city heat (and facing reality). But it had been an awesome couple of days, and we were talking about going back there again next summer!

How could we bear to leave this place?

Mount Kinabalu in the morning:

Walking around:

Mount Kinabalu View:

How picturesque can it get?

We headed back down for lunch:

And chilled out at a beach:

Dropped by Charmaine's house to get a few things, and took a picture of these interesting looking footwear:

Her garden:

We checked in, then raced to a nearby hotel to catch the sunset:


It looked much better in real life. This was the best my iPhone could do so... hahahaha. I'll be investing in a decent camera soon though, fingers crossed!

James and I arrived back in KL feeling awesome about the trip but a little sad that it ended so soon...

Kota Kinabalu, we will come AGAIN!!!!

and maybe conquer Mount Kinabalu in the process. XD

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