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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Monte's Restaurant and Wine Bar @ Bangsar VIllage

It was another one of our all girls outing - mom, sis and I.


Bread on the house:


I'm not really a nachos kinda person, but this was pretty good.


I've had better.

Chicken Chop:

Yes, very unadventurous. But chicken chop is something I always fall back on when I don't know what to order. Cause well, how can you go wrong with chicken??

Chicken with some berry sauce:

Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce and Herbal Rice:

The sis ordered this and it was awesome!! LOVED the rice it was so fragrant I could eat it alone. LOL

Price: 6/10. It IS a little on the steep side (average about RM20++ per dish) for what you're getting.
Food: 7/10. The sauces did a good job on the meat but the texture could be less... flaky? Thumbs up for the herbal rice though!
Verdict: Will only go there when I feel like spending more. LOL!

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