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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Summer Getaway (Part III) - Dining up at Mount Kinabalu

The place we stayed at allowed us full access to their kitchen facilities, so Chris and Charmaine ingeniously planned to cook and have our dinner at Mount K.

**I apologize in advance for the grainy-ish pictures. It was 7pm++ by the time we started cooking and iPhones aren't great for taking pictures in the dark so... yea**


The vegetables we got on the way up:

Charmaine hard at work:


Our table:

Burger patties (RAMLY):

Chicken breast meat:

Hot pot:


The mushrooms, cabbage and potatoes were fresh and sweet; fishballs nice and tasty; tomatoes made the soup taste just the right side of tangy. We all went back for multiple helpings and were totally stuffed by the time we finished.

Had the time of our lives there, basically. Came across a humongous spider that can apparently paralyze you if bitten - I didn't take a picture because Charmaine and I were preoccupied with staying away from that thing. *shivers*

Listened to this guy tell us his life stories:

Dang I don't know if they were half true, but they sure were funny as hell! 

Next post: Leaving Mount K and catching the sunset just before we left!

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