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Friday, 24 August 2012

Summer Getaway 2012 (part II) - Up Mount Kinabalu!

Up until the FOOT of Mount Kinabalu, that is. We weren't about to climb it because : a) we didn't have time, and b) I'd probably collapse halfway.

Anyways, Charmaine and Chris took us to breakfast before heading up:

Really expensive, but AWESOME tasting beef dish (it had wine in it, I think)!


Beef balls:

We then proceeded to pump in petrol and air into the car:

The dudes doing the manly stuff:

Our things crammed into the car:

And we were on our way!

Mount K, here we come!

Passed a lot of greenery:

We stopped halfway to take in the sights:


*pinch* Aww...
Chris and Charmaine
James and I:


We finally reached our destination.

Mongolian huts:

Looking around after checking in:

We were brought to our hut:

Our quarters for the night:


We then headed for lunch nearby:

The interior:

After lunch, we went to the official "entrance" to Mount K:

It was sunny, but Charmaine and I already had our jackets on:

Chris being funny:

Mount K:


*pinch* XD

The car that braved through the journey:


Me with Mount K as backdrop:

Stay tuned for our cooking stint at the foot of Mount Kinabalu!

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