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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Penang Trip 2011

I just stupidly realized that I never posted this after drafting it. So here it is, our Penang Trip that happened LAST DECEMBER.

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If you have me on Facebook then you'd know that I was up in Penang during the December break. I left with James a day earlier than my family because I wasn't there for a holiday but to play for a concert. My mom just felt like it'd be a good idea to visit Penang since we weren't planning to go anywhere far that year.

Anyways, my dad came to fetch James and I from our hotel the afternoon my family arrived cause I wanted to take a look at the place they were staying at - mom managed to rent a bungalow for the whole family.

The 2 - and - a - half storey house:

Aunt and sis:

Living space (a wee bit small but none of us were planning to watch TV):

Dining area:


Washing area:

Master bedroom:

Room attached to master bedroom:

Small bedroom:

Bedroom on the attic:

Bro and sis:

Ng-Joseph Ladies:

Awesome views from the attic:

It was really windy and cool despite the scorching sun:

I took this of my sis from the attic:

Sis and Aunt:

James and I:

Bro and I:

The Ng siblings:

We have the EXACT same painting at home, but ours is the full-sized one:

Mom, dad and sis:

Sis strangling dad after he said something silly:

We were gonna go on horse rides but the horse they presented to us looked over-ridden (u-shaped back) so my sis and I just pet the poor thing and decided against breaking its back.

We paid a visit to Hard Rock Hotel + Cafe instead:

Sis and I with Michael Jackson:

We then had seafood before James and I had to go for rehearsals!



Group photo after concert:

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