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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Penang Trip 2011

I just stupidly realized that I never posted this after drafting it. So here it is, our Penang Trip that happened LAST DECEMBER.

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If you have me on Facebook then you'd know that I was up in Penang during the December break. I left with James a day earlier than my family because I wasn't there for a holiday but to play for a concert. My mom just felt like it'd be a good idea to visit Penang since we weren't planning to go anywhere far that year.

Anyways, my dad came to fetch James and I from our hotel the afternoon my family arrived cause I wanted to take a look at the place they were staying at - mom managed to rent a bungalow for the whole family.

The 2 - and - a - half storey house:

Aunt and sis:

Living space (a wee bit small but none of us were planning to watch TV):

Dining area:


Washing area:

Master bedroom:

Room attached to master bedroom:

Small bedroom:

Bedroom on the attic:

Bro and sis:

Ng-Joseph Ladies:

Awesome views from the attic:

It was really windy and cool despite the scorching sun:

I took this of my sis from the attic:

Sis and Aunt:

James and I:

Bro and I:

The Ng siblings:

We have the EXACT same painting at home, but ours is the full-sized one:

Mom, dad and sis:

Sis strangling dad after he said something silly:

We were gonna go on horse rides but the horse they presented to us looked over-ridden (u-shaped back) so my sis and I just pet the poor thing and decided against breaking its back.

We paid a visit to Hard Rock Hotel + Cafe instead:

Sis and I with Michael Jackson:

We then had seafood before James and I had to go for rehearsals!



Group photo after concert:

Friday, 13 July 2012

Full House, Ampang

Full House is a dainty little restaurant/boutique located on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. I've patronized it before, but it was 2 years ago so we were all hoping that the food is still as great.

The interior:

Magazine-styled menu:

Chicken Chop with Mashed Potato and Boiled Vegetables:

Lemon Tea:

Can't remember what it's called but it was good!

Mom's dish:

Salmon Salad:


For more info, check out their: WEBSITE! (It's very cute and different!)

Price: 7/10. You definitely get your money's worth.
Food: 8/10. Good stuff. The ingredients are fresh and cooked to perfection. Especially loved the Salmon Salad (I'm not usually a salmon eater). A must try dish: Alfredo Spaghetti - TO DIE FOR!
Verdict: Well, this was my third visit... so yes, I highly recommend it! 

**Psst! Girls, check out the boutique in the restaurant as well. They sometimes stock very nice things!**

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Genの10 @ Legend Hotel, KL

The last time I went to Legend was YEARS ago, and I remembered enjoying myself immensely (because there was unlimited supply of california rolls). When mom and dad told us that we were going  for the Japanese buffet, I was ecstatic!

Genの10, Legend Hotel:

Reception area:

Our own room:

The first thing my sis and I noticed was the dessert spread, and we couldn't wait to get to it!

Prawn... on a stick! #JeffDunham

Salad spread:

Our (very very full) table:

Nom nom nom!


Sis eating like a King:

Sipping Green Tea in between stuffing my face with Japanese goodness:

With mom and dad:

Sis and Aunt's satisfied faces:

Price: 8/10. It's cheaper than most buffets, but I'd recommend bringing more people with you to eat your share if you're a small eater (like me).
Food: 8/10. Loved it. You have to know what to eat though. Their sushi and sashimi are fantastically fresh, the desserts are to die for, but I'd stay away from the fried rice, noodles, spaghetti etc.
Verdict: Can't wait to go back there after I shed a few pounds from all the excessive eating!