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Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Year Too Long

It was Mother's Day last month. I knew it was Mother's Day because it coincided with Popo's birthday. We usually celebrate it with the whole family, at some Chinese restaurant with cake, wine, lots of chats and laughter. It seems like the most natural thing to do, celebrating Mother's Day and Popo's birthday together, because Popo embodies everything that a mother should be.

Sadly, none of us felt like celebrating it this year. My sis and I thought of doing something special for mom but it seemed so empty and painful that we just didn't bother in the end. 

It's funny how I still cry myself to sleep sometimes, remembering all the things we used to do together. My siblings and I would take turns standing on that high stool in her kitchen and watched as she cooked, she'd buy us ice cream after working us hard at the swimming pool, cut fruits for us as we lounged about in her living room, whipped up the nastiest but most effective remedies when we were ill, listened to us when we complained to her about school...

Going back to her house is always bittersweet, cause memories of her are everywhere. She loved each and everyone of us unconditionally, and it hurts that I couldn't do as much as I should have done for her before she had to leave. 

Just last year, we celebrated Popo's birthday at a vegetarian restaurant with our extended family. She looked happy, smiling throughout the entire evening, and laughing at every joke we made. One year later, we've all changed. I fully realize now how precious time is, and that I should make each moment count. The naive me always thought that Popo would be around even after I have my own children (if that ever happens XD). 

Popo's Birthday/Mother's Day 2011:

So don't wait to spend time with your loved ones. They are the only ones who will be there for you if everyone else turns against you.


Lina said...

*HUGZ* I still think about my granny too. It'll be 3 years come Oct. time flies. it gets hard when it's a celebration, birthday or anniversary. Popo is watching over you. Always remember that. Take care.

Clarissa said...

Thanks Lina. It really never gets any easier huh? You take care too! =)