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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Meatballs Anyone?

Sometime near the end of the semester, Chai Suang, James and I decided to pay IKEA a visit. I usually avoid going there at the start of the semester cause I might be fooled into buying things I don't need. XD


We weren't going to look at furniture, but for LUNCH!

What's an IKEA lunch without meatballs?


Roast duck:

Chicken Wing and Pasta:


Price: 7/10. A whole meal per person came up to about $15++ and seeing how we could barely move after that, I'd say it was pretty worth it.
Food: 8/10. LOVE the meatballs. And if they're serving the roast duck dish while you're there, you HAVE to get it! Juicy goodness. *drool*
Verdict: I wouldn't make weekly visits (the variety's not THAT great) but return visits are guaranteed!

Whilst eating, I very randomly decided that I'll put more effort into my room this coming semester. It's the last year of my degree anyways so yeah...

Next up: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

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