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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Meatballs Anyone?

Sometime near the end of the semester, Chai Suang, James and I decided to pay IKEA a visit. I usually avoid going there at the start of the semester cause I might be fooled into buying things I don't need. XD


We weren't going to look at furniture, but for LUNCH!

What's an IKEA lunch without meatballs?


Roast duck:

Chicken Wing and Pasta:


Price: 7/10. A whole meal per person came up to about $15++ and seeing how we could barely move after that, I'd say it was pretty worth it.
Food: 8/10. LOVE the meatballs. And if they're serving the roast duck dish while you're there, you HAVE to get it! Juicy goodness. *drool*
Verdict: I wouldn't make weekly visits (the variety's not THAT great) but return visits are guaranteed!

Whilst eating, I very randomly decided that I'll put more effort into my room this coming semester. It's the last year of my degree anyways so yeah...

Next up: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Sunday, 20 May 2012

De Kebab + Plan B at Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Came back to KL for a few days during the week off before exams. Guan Yu joined me on this trip and we paid a visit to a relatively new restaurant in Publika - De Kebab to commemorate my turning 22 *shudder*.

We were seated outside with a good night view of KL. The only pet peeve I had was that the lighting sucked, and most of the following pictures have undergone extensive editing. *need new camera - hint hint*

The family + Guan Yu:

Mom's drink:

Iranian version of Naan:

Some of the many sauces to dip your Naan into:

Dainty stuff:

Kebab Platter:

We had 3 HUGEASS platters which we could barely finish!

From left: Uncle Cheng, Aunt Nancy and Kuku 
Guan Yu and I:

From left: Me, Guan Yu, Wee Qin, Chris, Uncle Cheng, Aunt Nancy
With the Grandpa:
Clockwise from left: Louisa, Me, Ivan, Grandpa
Whilst leaving the place, Guan Yu and I noticed a slimy looking thing crawling up the water feature in the restaurant. We both went: OMG SNAIL!!! It was battling the flow of the fountain and I just HAD to snap a picture. The manager of the place was like: those are my pets!

And here's a pic!
Brave Mr Snail! 
Price: 5/10. A tad bit too expensive for what you're getting.
Food: 6/10. Personally, I didn't like it much. The meats were very dry and tough but the salmon was AWESOME! My favorite part of the dinner was the Naan but I didn't fancy 2 of the 3 sauces they provided us with.
Verdict: If you are a fan of dry, sour-tasting meat, then this is the place to go. I wouldn't make a second visit myself but it's worth a try!

De Kebab, Publika is at:
D5-G4-6, Solaris Dutamas (PUBLIKA) 
Jalan Dutamas 1 
50480 Mont Kiara
Tel: 03-6205 3580 / 017-226 5476

Next stop, Plan B. Guan Yu was raving about the Apple Crumble here so we decided to give it a go after dinner.

Our table:

Artsy shot:

We look like we're in some shabby business meeting lol!


Artsy shot of the menu:

Strawberry Cheesecake:

Apple Crumble:

Carrot Cake:

Price: 8/10. Reasonable.
Desserts: 9/10. *DROOL* Loved the Apple Crumble - Guan Yu was right about the texture and taste. I'm normally not a fan of Cheesecakes but damn the Strawberry Cheesecake was GOOD~ and so was the Carrot Cake!
Verdict: DEFINITELY making return visits!

You can find Plan B online at: CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Jun Yan's Recital + Celebration at Nihon Mura

James and I were (yet again) asked to perform Jun Yan's piece, this time for his Senior Recital. We've pretty much become his go-to violinist and cellist. Hahaha.

Anyways, Jun Yan was inspired by the 4 elements of nature (earth, fire, water & air) for the piece, "Back to Nature". It mostly involved atmospheric improvisations on the musicians' part, added textures were included in the form of Jun Yan's elaborately constructed electronic variations and bird flutes were used at the end of the piece.

**pictures taken from my iPhone unless otherwise stated**

 Set up:
Clarinet station

Reception area + one of the 8 speakers used
My score:

Jun Yan's station on the left:

During the performance:
Photo by Chong Kee Yong

With the jury looking on:
photo by Chong Kee Yong
Bird flute in action:
photo by Chong Kee Yong
We celebrated in Nihon Mura, Plaza Singapura. Guan Yu joined us as well:

From left: Jun Yan, Chow Shern and Choong Yen

My staple: California Roll

Agedashi Tofu:




Cheese + Scallop + Tofu:

Jun Yan and Chow Shern posing:


It was a good night out with good food and great company. We should do this again some time!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Earlé Swensens, VivoCity

So James and I treated my entire family to lunch at Earlé Swensens when they came down to watch our recitals in March (yes I know, procrastination at its finest).

The interior:

We placed our orders and proceeded to raid the Salad Buffet table - ALL the main courses come with complimentary buffet salad.

Some of the salad plates:

Mine (I went back for seconds, of course):




Mum's Salmon:

Chicken with Spanish Dressing:

Chicken with Mediterranean Rice:

Cottage Pie:

Seafood platter:

Sis carefully separating the Pie in half (cause we were sharing):

My Cajun Chicken:
Price: 6/10 (A little on the steep side, but because it's semi-fine dining... so yeah.)
Food: 8/10 (Personally, I love it. Cause the portions are not TOO big and I am obsessed with like the buffet salad spread. James hates the place though (only because he ordered not-so-nice main dishes on BOTH his visits *stay away from the seafood platter* - no 缘分 maybe? XD) and says the only thing he likes about the place is the Salad Bar)
Verdict: If you like Western food, then this place is DEFINITELY worth a visit. I blogged about my first visit HERE.