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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Asian Contemporary Ensemble

After our sold out concert last year, ACE came back for yet another new program in conjunction with the NUS Arts Festival 2012. This time, we collaborated with renown storyteller Rosemarie and dancer Tang Sook Kuan alongside composers Chow Shern (Malaysia), Joshua (Philippines), Chie Tsang (Malaysia), and Diana Soh (Singapore).

Prior to our performance, we had a workshop for the musicians and young composers with mentors Professor Ho Chee Kong (Singapore) and Chong Kee Yong (Malaysia).

Chie Tsang's piece (Tong):

I had to improvise based on the dancer's movements - most interesting bit of improvisation I've ever done!

Chow Shern's piece (Fighting Oblivion):

Joshua's Piece (Dumagat Fantasy):

Diana Soh's piece (Mend My Shoes):

Skype session with Diana because she was in France:

Group picture with mentors, musicians, composers, conductor, storyteller and dancer:
Clockwise from left: Chong Kee Yong, Prof Ho Chee Kong, Wong Tak Chiu, Zyrene Estallo, Jasper, Clarissa, James, Kah Chun, Joshua, Chie Tsang, Sook Kuan, Chow Shern, Rosemarie
The next day, we had our dress rehearsal at the Dance Studio, University Cultural Centre:

Taken with my iPhone
Taken with my iPhone
Taken with my iPhone

We had supper at Al Ameen's after packing up.

The Malaysians:
From left: Chow Shern, James, Clarissa, Kee Yong, Jun Yan, Sook Kuan, Chie Tsang

With Kah Chun, Jun Yan and Rx Gan (both came to watch the concert):

A good night of music, food and laughs.

*photo credits to Chong Kee Yong unless otherwise stated*

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