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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

URGENT! Liver donor needed

Hi all, 

I have a friend whose mother is in the final stage of liver failure and needs a donor urgently. 

Msg from Budi:

Dear Friends, my name is Budi. My 57-years-old mother is currently suffering from liver cirrhosis from chronic hepatitis B, and she is currently in end-stage liver failure. She is currently in coma state, and at this moment, we need to do a liver transplant as soon as possible. We are now searching for a donor for my mother. My mother's blood group is O, and therefore the donor must be of blood group O. Please pass this message to your friends in hope of finding a kind and suitable donor for my mother. 

If you can be of any help (by means of information or if you are of the right blood type), please respond and help spread the word. Budi can be contacted directly at +60149856765, or you can liaise with me via +6597695749 / clarissa2104@gmail.com 

Keep Budi and his family in your prayers.

Thank you.


prajapati said...

or emali us at suresh.prajapati@medieaseindia.com for liver donor and transplant help.

Harshajit Borah said...

Hey Wanted a liver onor urgently for my sisters mom!!!my aunt!!!she is in the last stage and want it urgrntly!!plz help me plz!!contact me at harshajitborah@gmail.com