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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dinner at Qabir's

So after lunch at Concorde Hotel with the Cheong family - who arrived a few days prior from Canada - the dad sent Lou and I up to Qabir's place for coffee + dinner.

Sis perusing Qabir's Law textbook whilst the rest of us were playing cards:

Group pic!

With Guan Yu:

At the dining table:

Awesome tasting salad:


Salmon cream sauce:

Qabir pouring the wine:

Right before I dug in:

We were really full after that, but Qabir's stepmom insisted on bringing out the ice cream!

Häagen Dazs:

Us with the chef:

It was a good night of laughs and drool-worthy food!

Next up: Chinese New Year dinner at Ichiban Boshi, Publika.

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