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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pre-Chinese New Year Dinner

Yes. We were at Ichiban Boshi...


Not that I'm complaining. The food there's pretty darn good.

Browsing the menu:

Top: Benetton (will post picture soon)
We were sitting at the "real" Japanese dining booth:


Teriyaki Don:

Wouldn't recommend this. The chicken was really tough (worse than beef) and the teriyaki sauce was overwhelmingly sweet.

California Roll!

It's my go-to when I can't decide on what to eat. And Ichiban Boshi happens to do hand rolls pretty well.

Tempura + Soba:

Tuna Handroll (that we got for free cause we've been there SO many times!):

Actually, there was one thing we were waiting for before we dug into our main meals...

What is Chinese New Year back home, without

*drum rolls*

Wait for it...


Isn't that the yummiest platter of goodness you've ever seen??? The salmon was delectable, and I normally pick out the salmon slices!

Close up:

Dad doing the honors:

I didn't take pictures after cause we were too busy stuffing ourselves, but I hope they bring Yee Sang back the next year! They had different combos as well so you can "customize" your own Yee Sang.

Ichiban Boshi, 
Publika, Solaris Dutamas
You can e-mail them directly at: solaris_ib@res.com.my

As per usual, we were at OverTime for after-dinner drinks.

OverTime, fully decked out in CNY gear:

I've got a History of Opera presentation to do tomorrow so I'd better get some sleep. Toodles!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dinner at Qabir's

So after lunch at Concorde Hotel with the Cheong family - who arrived a few days prior from Canada - the dad sent Lou and I up to Qabir's place for coffee + dinner.

Sis perusing Qabir's Law textbook whilst the rest of us were playing cards:

Group pic!

With Guan Yu:

At the dining table:

Awesome tasting salad:


Salmon cream sauce:

Qabir pouring the wine:

Right before I dug in:

We were really full after that, but Qabir's stepmom insisted on bringing out the ice cream!

Häagen Dazs:

Us with the chef:

It was a good night of laughs and drool-worthy food!

Next up: Chinese New Year dinner at Ichiban Boshi, Publika.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Year's Lunch @ OverTime, Publika

Met up with Qabir and Guan Yu for lunch at OverTime on New Year's Day (cause GY was feeling iffy the night before hence they didn't join in the countdown - which I blogged about HERE, and I wanted to show James the place - he couldn't make it either).

So far I'd always visited OverTime at night, and was very relieved to be able to take some decent photos at last.

We were seated outside:

The happy couple:

Qabir doing the "child molester" face:

Daylight view:

OverTime, Publika:

Then the food came:
Roasted Pork
That dish was SO good I had to consciously monitor how many pieces I ate. *grumble* Why are the good tasting stuff bad for you?? #sadface


Normal... how wrong can fries go right? But at least they were better than McD fries.

Chowing down:

James and I:

I looked very "meh" that day so picture put smaller a bit. XD

Pork Knuckles!

I'm not a huge fan of pork (unless it's roasted/has no squishy fats) but my dad absolutely LOVES pork knuckles. And according to James, they were pretty good too!

For a full review on my first visit to OverTime, Publika click this LINK!

OverTime, Solaris Dutamas is a bistro that caters to tastes of all sorts. Try out the Starker beer and food there (I recommend the Venison dish + Char Siew). OverTime also does private events, for more info call: +6010 265 1784


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

URGENT! Liver donor needed

Hi all, 

I have a friend whose mother is in the final stage of liver failure and needs a donor urgently. 

Msg from Budi:

Dear Friends, my name is Budi. My 57-years-old mother is currently suffering from liver cirrhosis from chronic hepatitis B, and she is currently in end-stage liver failure. She is currently in coma state, and at this moment, we need to do a liver transplant as soon as possible. We are now searching for a donor for my mother. My mother's blood group is O, and therefore the donor must be of blood group O. Please pass this message to your friends in hope of finding a kind and suitable donor for my mother. 

If you can be of any help (by means of information or if you are of the right blood type), please respond and help spread the word. Budi can be contacted directly at +60149856765, or you can liaise with me via +6597695749 / clarissa2104@gmail.com 

Keep Budi and his family in your prayers.

Thank you.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New Years' Countdown at OverTime, Publika

How did you spend your New Year's?

I had just gotten back from Penang that night and rushed off immediately to Publika, Solaris Dutamas and met up with the rest of my family.

We had dinner at Ichiban Boshi (cause I didn't wanna eat at OverTime again):
from left: aunt, mom

Chicken Tamago (Egg) Don:


Decent stuff. But it tastes very monotonous after awhile. And coming from someone who LIKES food that tastes mild, this is NOT a dish you should order if you like strong flavors.

Beef Don:

Flavorful and tender meat. *thumbs up*

Salmon Bento Set:

Not a fan of salmon, but it tasted good apparently (according to dad).

Beef Bento Set:

The beef was done the same way as in the Don, so yeah. Same verdict = recommended.

Sis, bro and I then proceeded to take a look around the pre-countdown event at Publika:

Happening stuff:

We headed back to OverTime cause the fireworks were due to start any moment. KLCC started first, and from where we were, we could see 3 firework displays going on. And then we heard loud bangs eerily nearby and saw this directly above our heads:

The thing you see dividing the firework view are the glass paneling. Fireworks right above our heads and everyone around us blowing whistles/screaming/hugging......

Awesome stuff.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Christmas Dinner 2011

As per usual, the Ng-Joseph(s) had our Christmas dinner at Grandpa's.

And what's a Christmas dinner without...


Unveiling the home made spread:

Awesomely cooked veggies and fish:

Uncle carving the Turkey with Aunt looking on:

We always get our turkey from Sunway Resort Hotel. Their cranberry sauce is totally drool-worthy, the turkey itself is well-seasoned and potatoes tasted like they were soaked in sugar syrup (I thought they tasted kinda funky but if you like sweet stuff then they'd probably taste awesome!).

For more info on Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, check out their website HERE!