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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sephora Haul 2011

James had gone on exchange for the last few months of 2011 and I asked him to get me some items from Sephora. *grin* He also got a few other trinkets for me. <3

First up, Too Faced "Sweet Dreams" palette from Sephora:

Pretty huh? And that's only the box.

This is the palette:


Closer look at the colors:

I've yet to try all of them, but my favorites by far are "Peach Fuzz", "Copper Peony" and "Satin Sheets".

SURPRISE! There's another compartment that slides out:

Yes, those are blushers and bronzers. LOVE the cocoa rose - not too pink, not too bronze.

They even have suggested eye "looks":

Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set, by Sephora:

I adore the pouch, and the brushes are SUPER soft!

The palette also includes this:

Too Faced's "Shadow Insurance" eye shadow primer. I haven't used it yet cause I still have my Urban Decay one (which is god-sent).

James got these for me:

M&M crystal earrings! CUTE!

Anyhoo, I really should be sleeping now. Just got back from dinner + chilling out + supper with Xing Lin and Guan Yu so I'm pretty beat. Nights!


Lina An said...

Serious? These from Sephora? KL has a Sephora outlet too! I wonder if they sell these. Looks too awesome to pass it up!

Clarissa said...

Hahaha. Yeah I know. KL has 2 of them that I know of - one in KLCC and the big one at Pavilion. The last time I checked, they didn't have the 2 (palette and brush set) I mentioned on this blog post. Got the details from their website, but you should definitely check out their products!