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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Pre-Christmas Shopping in Pavilion and KLCC

I can't be stuffed blogging about these 2 occasions separately so I'm gonna lump them into one. #space-efficientblogger

Pavilion, KL all decked out for Christmas:

We were at Dome's for lunch:

Sis browsing through the menu:

Earl Grey Tea:


Oh Em Gee this is always a MUST-HAVE for me when I'm at Dome's. The creamy texture of the soup and chunky mushrooms bits are to - die - for. No kidding.

Awesome Caesar Salad:


Their cappuccino is always top-notch. I have no idea how they do it. I've been a loyal patron of Dome's for many many years and the stuff on their menu have gone up and down in quality (and yumminess) but the Cappuccino is almost always perfecto!

Mom and I:

Was an awesome day out with the girls in the family - just me, sis, aunt and mom.

The next day, my sis and I found ourselves back in Dome's, this time at KLCC for some personal shopping!


Mushroom pie:

My sis ALWAYS gets this in Dome's. But I can hardly fault her cause it's totally drool-worthy. You can have the choice of chicken or beef filling but I personally prefer the chicken.

We grabbed Garrett's before heading home:

Was waiting outside my brother's school:

Now. . . for the shopping haul!

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer:

It's a god-sent, I swear. My eye make up stays on for HOURS after I started using this! And you don't have to apply much on your lids to hold the make up. (So for people like me who seldom put on make up, this small bottle will last for ages!)

Shorts from Padini and SEED:

Super comfy and they were both on 70% off at Isetan! Both at under RM50 (that's like. . . SGD20), just HAD to get them. 

Bought underwear as well, but I'm not about to publish photos of those. *frown* they're all in this bag:

For more info on Dome's menu/outlets, visit their website: HERE!

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