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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Now, who said black was boring? *points gun*

I got hooked browsing through a fashion blog I discovered just last night (morning? XD) by 2 Singaporean bloggers - Dawn and Arissa.

This is what the blog looks like:
Image capture from: Monoxious.com
One of my favorites were by Dawn:
Credits: Monoxious.com
Simple and understated. I like Arissa's outfit ideas too, but most of them are too edgy for me:

I've been telling James that I want to break the habit of dressing in blue(s), white(s), black(s) and grey(s), but it's really hard! Especially since I can't (convincingly) pull off colors like red or orange - I'm not Guan Yu, who can wear a purple jacket, blue tee, red shorts, orange shoes and still look decent, the only pink thing I own are my pajama shorts. *frown* 

It doesn't help that I'm not a very adventurous person, fashion-wise. Not that I don't want to be, but the climate in Singapore is so humid and unpredictable (you never know when it's gonna rain), my daily ensemble = mono-colored tee + dark jeans + flip flops/sneakers. I dress up more in KL cause I drive around, don't have the time/patience to do so here.

But now I'm quite content to go back to monochromatic colors (they're so much more practical, anyway). All I have to do is learn to mix and match better. Dawn and Arissa shall be my new inspiration(s)!

Okay, minus their accessories because I really can't be stuffed "blinging" myself, and it's a pain if I want to practice with bracelets and necklaces clinking and clanging --- No Thank You.

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