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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Embracing Sisterhood

Lou and I went out (again), just the 2 of us - to Pavilion. I know I know... why aren't I sick of the place? Mainly because it isn't as congested as KLCC, it's got everything I need (cinema + Forever21) and parking spaces are relatively easy to find compared to say... Mid Valley.


I cannot stress this enough, but I - AM - AN - ICECREAM - ADDICT. I swear, I cannot walk past an ice cream place and NOT want to get some. So that day, I caved into my sister's (and my own) cravings and we each got:
Chocolate + Cookies and Cream 

Got them from "Gelatomio". I don't know where their other branches are, but this one's right outside Forever21. #happyface 

Black Sesame + Vanilla
My Shopping:

Bought 2 tops from Forever21, which were ON DISCOUNT! And inside the Club 21 bag is my awesome DKNY 2-way jacket which I'm absolutely in love with. My aunt got it for me as a Christmas present! I'll take a picture and post it up if I remember.

Found this exceedingly amusing:

I didn't know Ted Baker was into Turkeys. *frown*

Sis and I then had dinner at the Food Republic (being economical):
Bulgogi (Korean)

We watched a movie after dinner, but I can't for the life of me remember what is it we watched. Age catching up on me dammit!


Almost empty cinema WTF:

MPYO concert and Dad's Birthday up next!

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