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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Creamier, Singapore

One of our outings in Singapore when my sis was around involved ice cream, waffles and beer.

It was on Xing Lin's recommendation, and he very enthusiastically drove us there after he was done with work just so we could have the ice cream he had been raving about for weeks prior.


The flavors!!! OMG *drooooools*

Don't they look oh - so - scrumptious???

After we settled our orders, we took our seats and I realized that I really liked the ambience. The interior is neat, simple and very cosy:

Japanese beer:

Matching glass:

Xing Lin was going on and on about : HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS BEER???!
Sorry dude, I'm more of a wine person. *smirk*

Anyways, the ice cream finally made its appearance:

I swear my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The ice cream was fantastic, and the waffles were done really well too! Surrounding the masterpiece are chocolate and maple syrup plus 2 banana slices.

Guan Yu's:

Excited Guan Yu:

We were all too busy with our ice creams so I didn't even snap pictures of the other 2 that Qabir and Xing Lin ordered. Okay okay. . . yours truly was wolfing down the ice cream fast cause I hate it when it starts to melt. *guiltyface*

Cam-whore moment:
Loose top from Hypnosis

Guan Yu was feeling guilty after eating so much, so she resorted to this:
Right outside of Creamier. 

Not bad right? Eat like glutton then exercise so you don't feel guilty. #livingindenial

Verdict: I definitely recommend dropping by if you're in Singapore. Make sure you have a pretty big appetite cause I was REALLY full after the ice cream + waffles and I hadn't even had dinner! Service is awesome, water is free flow (which is great, cause the ice cream can get quite heavy) and it's a reasonable price range.

For more info, visit their Facebook page: HERE!

Next up will be. . . lunch at Earl Swensen's with the sis!

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