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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Who Da Boss?

Picking up from where I left off - after spending half the day either baking under the sun or drenched in the rain - Guan Yu, Han Ming, Benji, Lou and I walked back to VivoCity.

Dinner was to be at "Bosses":

I know right? 黑社會? That literally translates to "Mafia". What a name for a restaurant, right? I've been to Vivo multiple times (my numerous visits to Fruit Paradise prove it) and I had NO idea it was a restaurant. *frown*

Xiao Long Bao
Yes, sadly that's the only food picture I took of that dinner. There are 3 possibilities to why I only took ONE measly picture: 1) I was concentrating too much on the food, 2) The drama at the table. . . , 3) there were strange Mafia forces at work. . .

. . .

Quite evidently, I need sleep. But anyways, down below are pictures I stole from XingLin. (I'm sure he doesn't mind larrrr)

Han Ming, Benji, Guan Yu

We then proceeded to surprise Benji with a tiny cupcake:

Claudia and I:

Just as Benji looked a little dejected (the cupcake was really pretty sad), Han Ming and Hayden showed up with an actual full-sized cake from Bakerzín!

Benji and his (real) cake:

Happy Benji:

My slice of Tiramisu cake:
Taken by my trusty iPhone 4
Another pic (taken and edited by me):

This was taken by Claudia, I think:

Sis and I:

Claudia, and Benji photo-bombing her LOL:

Top Row: Qabir, Guan Yu, Lou, Me
Bottom Row: Hayden, Benji, Han Ming, Claudia
Benji, XingLin and Claudia:
Claudia and Guan Yu with the 3D glasses Han Ming accidently err... stole? from Universal Studios:

We went bowling after that, which was pretty awesome. I must remember to take pictures of Guan Yu's epic strikes when her 13-pound ball is going at like. . . 0.00005km per hour HAHAHA!

Café Cartel and Swensen's post up next!

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