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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What you get when there's flour and an oven

As mentioned in previous posts, my sis, Qabir, Tarrant, Guan Yu and I had 2 baking err... stints, if you will, at her place.

This was the day where I had my Jap exam and had my sis go to Guan Yu's place herself, and I joined them later on.

I didn't take photos of the process cause I wasn't there, but yeah. It's a chocolate brownie/cake:

It was quite yummy, a little burnt on the outside, but still yummy. 

And then 2 days down the road, we were back at Guan Yu's (without Tarrant). This time to make strawberry cheesecake!

Qabir was diligently making the base of the cake:

My sis mashing up the cream cheese:

Our work station:

While waiting, we had this to keep us occupied:

Yummy stuff:

After chilling the cake, we added the jelly err... concoction? on top and stuffed it back into the fridge:

It's ready!!!

I swear, Guan Yu and my sis were in hysterics when they tried to cut the cake cause the jelly kept wobbling. -_-"

Wobbly jelly:

Qabir, Guan Yu and my sis:

After the cake (which was totally drool-worthy), we just sat around and talked while sipping tea:

The rest of the night was spent playing 3-man Chor Dai Di (cause Guan Yu needed her beauty sleep) and chit chatting till wee hours of the morning. This is Qabir hugging one of Guan Yu's many soft toys and pretending to look innocent:

We left Guan Yu's place the next morning exhausted - my sis and I were falling asleep on our feet in the train. LOL! We went RIGHT to bed upon reaching PGP and got up at 3pm-ish cause we had to get ready for dinner with Xing Lin, Guan Yu and Qabir.

Anyways, my sis will be attempting Christmas baking sessions in the next few days so I'll make it a point to take pictures and post them up here (hopefully along with the recipe).

Next up: Sushi Tei dinner(s)!

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