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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Utter Bliss

Yes yes yes I've got a bazillion posts overdue - I was away in camp + tired + busy + lazy.

Anyways... James is back! Hahahaha. I got a little worried cause his flight was supposed to touch down at 9.30pm last night but he didn't call till way past 10. Lol. 

I, for one, am glad that there will be no more Skype-ing for the next year and a half:

That was when he was still in Aspen. 

I'm not a very good person to talk to via phone/video calls, cause I get distracted by whatever else I may be doing. But I'd prefer Skype to phone calls any day (it's like conversing normally with a person, just not in the flesh - and I don't like talking into inanimate objects *frown*).

James, Andrew and Tjia Hwei dropped by earlier for lunch at my place and we went out for a drive after that. I'm not gonna lie, it was definitely awesome seeing James after more than 6 months of Skype-ing at odd hours of the day, once a week (or two). Will be going over to Penang with him and the family soon, so I reckon it's better for him to spend more time at home since I'll be seeing him everyday in Singapore while he still can.

Ok I promise my next post will be on our baking adventures at Guan Yu's place!

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