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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Nihon Mura 日本村

Guan Yu brought Tarrant, my sis and I for Japanese food at The Cathay.

The interior:

Waiting for the food:

And then I suddenly realized that Tarrant looks a lot like Pascal from "Tangled", and my sis and Guan Yu promptly agreed with me!
Picture for Comparison

After some talks and laughs, the food finally arrived!

Teriyaki Don:

This was pretty damn awesome. The rice was cooked just right, the chicken was tender, and the egg + seaweed made it smell like heaven in a bowl.


Golden Maki:

My favorite side dish of the night. It was highly recommended by Guan Yu, and we were not disappointed! The yellow strips on top of the Maki are mango strips, by the way. The combo of the mango's sour-ness and the Maki was. . . *drools*

California Roll:

Pretty good as well. Not fantabulous, but definitely enjoyable.

Beef Yakiniku:

Another bowl of yummy goodness. The beef was tasty, not too tough, and like the Teriyaki Don, the rice + egg + seaweed combo was awesome!

Some cheesy salmon thing (I forgot what they call it):

The rest of them loved this, but I didn't quite fancy it cause the cheese was a little too over-powering. If you like strong flavors, then this is a must-have!

Chicken Curry Katsu:

I didn't try this, but according to Guan Yu, it was too darn oily. She gave most of it to Benji (he joined us later on), who promptly declared: very nice what!!

Price-wise, eating at this restaurant is very very affordable. It's not too expensive, and portions are reasonably big. For more info, visit their WEBSITE!

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