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Monday, 5 December 2011

Fruit Paradise... AGAIN!

I swear, Fruit Paradise should sign me as their blog-advertiser or something. #shameless 

But in all seriousness, I've been there so many times I've actually lost count the number of tarts I've consumed over the last 3 years living in Singapore! In my defense, the tarts are drool-worthy, the teas are awesome and the service is top-notch (the waitresses are always smiley smiley)!

So anyways, Guan Yu and I decided to bring my sis for a tart or 2 after dinner at the White Dog Cafe (won't be blogging about that cause I didn't take pictures) :
Apple Italian Soda
 The drink was pretty much like any other Italian Soda (tastes just like Apple-flavoring with Sprite la wtf) but my sis liked it, so what the heck. Haha!

Peach Tea
Guan Yu and I ALWAYS get Peach Tea. Cause it smells and tastes like heaven in a pot!

GuanYu "pao teh-ing" (literally means "brewing tea") :

Guan Yu's:
Mango and Strawberry
I think the staff of Fruit Paradise must have noticed her Trumpet case and did a different deco around her tart! It's the first time I've seen a music-themed deco!

FYI, I absolute swear by the Mango Strawberry. DO give it a try if you like tangy+sweet combos. For all-out sweetness, get the chocolate banana.

Chocolate Banana
So far I like the Vivocity branch best, but you can visit their WEBSITE to look for the ones nearest to you! 

Happy Fruit Paradise-ing!

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