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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Café Cartel Lunch + Swensen's Dinner

It was yet another day out in Singapore for my sis and I. We met up with Guan Yu at Plaza Singapura for lunch. On the way there. . .

The Olsen Twins, Singapore Version:


Guan Yu was quite appalled at how small the piece of chicken is and told me to snap a picture of it with her finger in comparison:


This was pretty nice, though I would have liked the fries to be a little less oily.

Dinner was at Swensen's:

STICKY rock candy! I swear I'm obsessed!

My purchases from HELEN:

Louisa's Macaroni and Cheese:

My Hawaiian Pizza:

Benji also brought over Garrett's:

He got the Chicago Mix for us: Butter and Caramel if I didn't remember wrongly.


That was the favorite part of the evening. Chocolate ice cream + Oreos + Marshmallows + Whipped Cream = HEAVEN! 

We munched on Garrett's while watching "Already Famous"

It was an amusing movie, no doubt. Her Malaysian accent needed a little more work, but then again that's because I'm Malaysian so. . . *frown* To be fair, all she really needed was to add more Malay words into her sentences. Lol!

Baking adventures at Guan Yu's place up next!


Lina An said...

you DO know that we at KLCC have Garrett's Popcorn too, right? =D

Clarissa said...

Yes, I recently discovered it after an outing with my sis at KLCC! XD