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Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Spatial Zone

Premièred Jun Yan's new work yesterday with Yang Heran (Double Bassist) at his Independent Project Concert - "The Spatial Zone". Some weird electronic pun, no doubt. Haha.

The concert involved really heavy duty (and complicated) electronics and some very unconventional styles of playing on our Classical instruments. I swear, my violin took a beating from the many scratches and scrapes I had to do for the piece.

The "Spatial Zone":

Yes, the audience sits with their back to the performers, facing the 8 speakers situated at the corners of the room.

Guan Yu and I met up with Xing Lin at City Hall after that. Went for dinner at "Watami", a Japanese place in Raffles Shopping Mall.

While waiting for our food, Guan Yu asked Xing Lin for his expensive earphones to listen to . . .

Wait for it . .  .

Her metronome:

Xing Lin kept saying that it was an insult to his earphones. LOL!

My "Collagen Peach":
It was slightly over-priced for peach slices + sprite, but I liked it. *wink*

Guan Yu's "Milk Tea":

Xing Lin and I each had this:
Beef slices and Various Veges in Soup
It wasn't as good as I had hoped. To be fair, the tofu was really soft and smooth, the carrots sweet and vegetables fresh, but the soup was a tad too salty for my liking. Beef slices were. . . o-kay, but it had more fat than meat. *frown*

Xing Lin's Salmon Maki:

Our shared Potato Mentai Salad:

I actually quite liked this. Guan Yu reckons it tastes funky, but I like anything with egg + potato in it so I wasn't complaining. Haha!

Guanyinma doing the mashing:

Guan Yu and I felt like dessert, so we each had one of these:
picture stolen from their website
The cake was a huge let down. Guan Yu was merciless in saying that it tasted like one of those instant cakes that you find in super markets. Not worth the price you're paying (SGD6.80), so I wouldn't encourage you to get it.

All in all I felt that the dinner was pretty good, though over-priced. Personally, I wouldn't be in a hurry to go back there, but the ambience is pretty good... and at least they pronounce ありがとうございました (thank you for coming) correctly. *sorry, but I'm really quite an ass when it comes to waiters/waitresses in Japanese or Korean restaurants pronouncing their greetings wrongly*

For more info, visit their website: HERE!

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