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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Snapshots of the Evening

Had a pretty good day. Packed and cleaned my room before heading to YST to practice. After lunch, I went to Clementi to meet up with Tarrant and we took the bus back to YST.

Yes, he was helping me take pictures for my press kit (project). He won't be done processing them until much later, but I thought I'd give you guys a preview:

Tarrant explaining some photography technicalities to me:

Check out the fancy equipment:

So after that, I treated him to dinner at Bakerzin, Vivocity:
Mushroom Soup
The croutons were soggy. -_-"

To be fair, the soup was good, but they could do a little better in the texture department. I felt my throat going dry after awhile.

Cafe Latte
I'm a Latté addict. I've drank a lot of lattes in restaurants, cafes, etc and this one was actually pretty good. I wouldn't be counting on having any sleep tonight though. *sticks out tongue*

Curry Chicken with Japanese Rice
Again, wasn't great. But the portion was very generous and the potatoes were great. The curry itself was a little on the bland side, but definitely edible.

Dory Fillet Pasta
According to Tarrant, it was acceptable. But that dude has quite high demands when it comes to food (he cooks, go figure) so I'm supposing that it was actually pretty good.

We had Ben & Jerry's for dessert:

This was definitely the highlight of the evening:
Cookies and Cream
We just walked around after that. Bought a Christmas/Birthday present for my brother (I'm sure he'll be ecstatic) and then headed back to PGP.

For more info on Bakerzín, visit their WEBSITE
*pssst! They're having some pretty awesome stuff for Christmas goodies!*
For more info on Ben & Jerry's visit their WEBSITE.

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