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Friday, 11 November 2011

Long Overdue - NTU Concert

This was the day Popo passed away, I was still in Singapore and attended a concert (for the first time) in NTU, at the invitation of Guan Yu (as usual XD).

In the cab:

It was one of those rare occasions that I actually put on a little bit of make up before heading out - normally I couldn't be bothered.

Fringe Top: FCUK
The concert:

Spot the white figure on the right? Claudia, Guan Yu and I agreed that he was a little over-enthusiastic. He kept shouting into the microphone, I swear it was so loud I had to cover my ears.

Guan Yu:

She had a runny nose so she was constantly clearing throughout the concert hahaha!

Guan Yu and I:

In "Sepia":

Nice auditorium:

Guan Yu testing other people's trumpets:

The snacks we had whilst waiting for Xing Lin:

Potato Salad:

Onion Rings:


We had dinner at the Taiwanese place at the back of PGP after the concert. Was at West Coast Park to chill and jump around like monkeys before I got the bad news. Lol.

Okay I'd better go memorize whatever I can before I face my doom tomorrow afternoon - Japanese oral test. (I'm already screwed for it, I've pretty much given up studying it cause nothing seems to be able to stay in my head)


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