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Monday, 7 November 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Guan Yu dragged me out to celebrate Xing Lin's birthday 2 nights ago. I thought it would be birthday song + cake + drinks then go back home, but we ended up staying till 11am the next day. O_O!

Yes, we played bridge and Chor Dai Di till about 6.30am then decided to plonk ourselves on Xing Lin's couch and fell asleep till 11. 

But man, they know I needed to get out that night. 

Xing Lin's huge German Shepherd:
Xing Lin stabbing Guan Yu with the cake knife:

Now Guan Yu stabbing Qabir and Benji joining in the fun:


Birthday boy:

Tiramisu cake:

Sparkling Ice Wine:


Pretty box:

Chowing down:

Russian Vodka:

Guan Yu, Claudia and Benji also bought me Famous Amos cookies, which I thought was very sweet of them. Double thumbs up to Guan Yu who got the choice of flavor right!

This is totally out of context but I HAD to put this up:

And this:

Beautiful blue skies in Singapore (miracle, I tell you). And they were both TOTALLY unedited.

Made my day, I tell you.

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