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Monday, 21 November 2011


So the next few pictures are the final products of whatever Tarrant shot yesterday. There will be more coming soon, because he did Guan Yu + her quintet + me (in another dress) this afternoon.

This is one of my favorites:

Love this one:

Different approach:

More updates coming up soon!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Snapshots of the Evening

Had a pretty good day. Packed and cleaned my room before heading to YST to practice. After lunch, I went to Clementi to meet up with Tarrant and we took the bus back to YST.

Yes, he was helping me take pictures for my press kit (project). He won't be done processing them until much later, but I thought I'd give you guys a preview:

Tarrant explaining some photography technicalities to me:

Check out the fancy equipment:

So after that, I treated him to dinner at Bakerzin, Vivocity:
Mushroom Soup
The croutons were soggy. -_-"

To be fair, the soup was good, but they could do a little better in the texture department. I felt my throat going dry after awhile.

Cafe Latte
I'm a Latté addict. I've drank a lot of lattes in restaurants, cafes, etc and this one was actually pretty good. I wouldn't be counting on having any sleep tonight though. *sticks out tongue*

Curry Chicken with Japanese Rice
Again, wasn't great. But the portion was very generous and the potatoes were great. The curry itself was a little on the bland side, but definitely edible.

Dory Fillet Pasta
According to Tarrant, it was acceptable. But that dude has quite high demands when it comes to food (he cooks, go figure) so I'm supposing that it was actually pretty good.

We had Ben & Jerry's for dessert:

This was definitely the highlight of the evening:
Cookies and Cream
We just walked around after that. Bought a Christmas/Birthday present for my brother (I'm sure he'll be ecstatic) and then headed back to PGP.

For more info on Bakerzín, visit their WEBSITE
*pssst! They're having some pretty awesome stuff for Christmas goodies!*
For more info on Ben & Jerry's visit their WEBSITE.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Pfft... Self-absorbed Narcissists

I seem to have been getting an overdose of being exposed to such people lately. *rolls eyes*

We have. . .

The narcissist:

I don't actually care how good you think you are. But these people are convinced that they're the smartest and best-looking *vomits* amongst their colleagues. Need a wake up call much?

And then we have. . .

People who parade their supposed "successes":

Successful people don't go around boasting about what they've accomplished.

Which kinda makes you look like a loser.

It's doubly ironic when you've got nothing much to boast about in the first place.

JustSoYouKnow , there's a difference between being self-aware and self-absorbed. You, my friend, are self-absorbed. Do us all a favor and shove some of that ego up your arse out the window.

Ok, rant over.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Disney FEVER!

So I was de-stressing after my business for musicians presentation and got caught up with watching Disney-related videos.

If I Never Knew You (OST from Pocahontas 2) - Jon Secada and Shanice:

I'm not a fan of the movie, because it sends out the wrong message to kids = It's ok to ditch one guy and go for another (Pocahontas ditched John Smith and went off with John Ralph at the end. My sis and I were rooting for John Smith *frown*). 

But, I still love the song. And I absolutely adore Jon Secada's voice.

Theme song from Beauty and the Beast - Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson:

I'm a die-hard Celine Dion fan - go figure. Her voice is phenomenal, and her interpretations are always tasteful and not over-done. Put her together with another awesome singer and there you have it - a legendary song.

I See the Light (OST from "Tangled") - Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi:

Awesome duet, and their voices match really well. I actually like the orchestration more than the actual song, so yeah. . . *sticks out tongue*

And my favorite of them all. . .

One Man Disney Movie - Nick Pitera:

It's already awesome that he's got a pretty damn good voice (female AND male), plus the good arrangement and funny choreography. . . KABOOM!

I especially love his voice as Lumiere in "Be Our Guest".


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ingrate, am I?

Sometimes. . .

Just sometimes. . .

I wonder if whatever effort I put in is worth it.

Taken from Tumblr
Disappointment's a b*tch.

Whatever I had hoped to accomplish after 3 whole years, just thrown out of the window like that.

But I suppose I should be grateful for the chance and exposure I got anyways.

Still. . .

It hurts.

On a brighter note, I was at school earlier to do our business project run-through (which reminds me, I should go memorize me script) and it was pretty good. I left for PGP straight after that cause I wanted to work on my assignments and Jap studies, was waiting at the bus stop when I looked up and saw this:

Beautiful, no?

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Spatial Zone

Premièred Jun Yan's new work yesterday with Yang Heran (Double Bassist) at his Independent Project Concert - "The Spatial Zone". Some weird electronic pun, no doubt. Haha.

The concert involved really heavy duty (and complicated) electronics and some very unconventional styles of playing on our Classical instruments. I swear, my violin took a beating from the many scratches and scrapes I had to do for the piece.

The "Spatial Zone":

Yes, the audience sits with their back to the performers, facing the 8 speakers situated at the corners of the room.

Guan Yu and I met up with Xing Lin at City Hall after that. Went for dinner at "Watami", a Japanese place in Raffles Shopping Mall.

While waiting for our food, Guan Yu asked Xing Lin for his expensive earphones to listen to . . .

Wait for it . .  .

Her metronome:

Xing Lin kept saying that it was an insult to his earphones. LOL!

My "Collagen Peach":
It was slightly over-priced for peach slices + sprite, but I liked it. *wink*

Guan Yu's "Milk Tea":

Xing Lin and I each had this:
Beef slices and Various Veges in Soup
It wasn't as good as I had hoped. To be fair, the tofu was really soft and smooth, the carrots sweet and vegetables fresh, but the soup was a tad too salty for my liking. Beef slices were. . . o-kay, but it had more fat than meat. *frown*

Xing Lin's Salmon Maki:

Our shared Potato Mentai Salad:

I actually quite liked this. Guan Yu reckons it tastes funky, but I like anything with egg + potato in it so I wasn't complaining. Haha!

Guanyinma doing the mashing:

Guan Yu and I felt like dessert, so we each had one of these:
picture stolen from their website
The cake was a huge let down. Guan Yu was merciless in saying that it tasted like one of those instant cakes that you find in super markets. Not worth the price you're paying (SGD6.80), so I wouldn't encourage you to get it.

All in all I felt that the dinner was pretty good, though over-priced. Personally, I wouldn't be in a hurry to go back there, but the ambience is pretty good... and at least they pronounce ありがとうございました (thank you for coming) correctly. *sorry, but I'm really quite an ass when it comes to waiters/waitresses in Japanese or Korean restaurants pronouncing their greetings wrongly*

For more info, visit their website: HERE!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Long Overdue - NTU Concert

This was the day Popo passed away, I was still in Singapore and attended a concert (for the first time) in NTU, at the invitation of Guan Yu (as usual XD).

In the cab:

It was one of those rare occasions that I actually put on a little bit of make up before heading out - normally I couldn't be bothered.

Fringe Top: FCUK
The concert:

Spot the white figure on the right? Claudia, Guan Yu and I agreed that he was a little over-enthusiastic. He kept shouting into the microphone, I swear it was so loud I had to cover my ears.

Guan Yu:

She had a runny nose so she was constantly clearing throughout the concert hahaha!

Guan Yu and I:

In "Sepia":

Nice auditorium:

Guan Yu testing other people's trumpets:

The snacks we had whilst waiting for Xing Lin:

Potato Salad:

Onion Rings:


We had dinner at the Taiwanese place at the back of PGP after the concert. Was at West Coast Park to chill and jump around like monkeys before I got the bad news. Lol.

Okay I'd better go memorize whatever I can before I face my doom tomorrow afternoon - Japanese oral test. (I'm already screwed for it, I've pretty much given up studying it cause nothing seems to be able to stay in my head)


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Heart-melting Voices

"Whispers in a Dream" - Hayley Westenra:

Original version "Nella Fantasia" - Jackie Evancho:

I love the instrumentation of the second one.

Man in the Mirror (a cappella) - Idea of North:


Monday, 7 November 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Guan Yu dragged me out to celebrate Xing Lin's birthday 2 nights ago. I thought it would be birthday song + cake + drinks then go back home, but we ended up staying till 11am the next day. O_O!

Yes, we played bridge and Chor Dai Di till about 6.30am then decided to plonk ourselves on Xing Lin's couch and fell asleep till 11. 

But man, they know I needed to get out that night. 

Xing Lin's huge German Shepherd:
Xing Lin stabbing Guan Yu with the cake knife:

Now Guan Yu stabbing Qabir and Benji joining in the fun:


Birthday boy:

Tiramisu cake:

Sparkling Ice Wine:


Pretty box:

Chowing down:

Russian Vodka:

Guan Yu, Claudia and Benji also bought me Famous Amos cookies, which I thought was very sweet of them. Double thumbs up to Guan Yu who got the choice of flavor right!

This is totally out of context but I HAD to put this up:

And this:

Beautiful blue skies in Singapore (miracle, I tell you). And they were both TOTALLY unedited.

Made my day, I tell you.