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Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Perfect Punch-line

Couldn't resist making a mention of this when I read my sister's blog.

Punch-line of the day: Before you start concocting your own conjectures about other students, why don't you try turning your boasts about your son a reality?

Ok, here's the real deal.

My siblings have both recently stopped attending one of their tuitions because, well. . . they weren't exactly learning much. I've been telling them for YEARS to just quit but no. . . 

The last straw came a couple months ago when said tuition teacher called our Saturday family dinners "ridiculous". She also calls my sister randomly on Saturday mornings going: Can you come for tuition NOW?

I know right?

So my siblings were having tuition with a teacher who comes to my house, who, also happens to know their former teacher. Now my sister, with her abundant sense of humor, went pretty much hysterical when their current teacher (A) described her conversation with the ex-teacher (B) that went along the lines of:

B: Eh, you know ah... Lou's results all drop! She didn't get a single "A"!
A: Oh really?
B: Yeah! 


Needless to say, we had a pretty big laugh at the whole thing.

1) My siblings have not contacted her since they quit her tuition, so how the hell would she know?
2) My sister DID get A's, 2 of them were in Add Math and Modern Math.
3) Do you enjoy making yourself look like an idiot?

I don't mean to bitch, but she started it.

Read my sister's post HERE!

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