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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Double Stop at the Airport

Watched a concert last night:

Liu Yi played pretty well. I liked her Bach, very different from the way I played it but I liked her interpretation better. Lol.

There was an awkward moment when Guan Yu and I were walking out and bumped into the entire violin studio standing outside the concert hall. It must have looked like I didn't go for the concert at all. O_O Eh, I got concert program to prove I was there ok! *defensive*

Anyways, Guan Yu and I headed to Clementi station after that. Was waiting for the bus but Uncle Wah  Peng and Mike gave us a lift in a taxi instead. Took the train from Clementi all the way to Changi Airport. 

The first few minutes were spent trying to figure out where the hell Xing Lin was. He kept saying "cocoa tree" and I was telling Guan Yu "if he really means a cocoa TREE I am going to murder him". *frown*

We found him (eventually) and went down to the food court to sit around and wait for Benji and Han Ming. Meanwhile, Xing Lin had some mango dessert thing and Guan Yu and I shared a chocolate sundae. When Benji and Han Ming finally arrived, we had fun tricking him into believing that we intended to head to Xing Lin's place for drinks. The expression on his face was priceless, seriously. Xing Lin and I couldn't stop laughing when Benji was like: I came all the way here and now you want me to go back??? (he and Xing Lin live near each other) 你有病ah?? (you sick ah?)

 This was his expression after Xing Lin broke the news to him about us pulling his leg:

I was very amused because he didn't manage to put 2 and 2 together even after Xing Lin and I laughed so much as Guan Yu was super persistent in fooling him.

Yes, we musicians have a weird sense of humor. O_O!

Anyways, we were at The Coffee Club for more supper:

 Guan Yu and I each had Country Pie:
 Han Ming and Benji's:

Xing Lin just had an Ice Mocha cause he needed to chauffeur us back home after that. I initially offered to cab back myself, but he said it would cost him more sleepless nights so... Hahaha. By the time I reached PGP it was close to 4am. 

But it was a good outing with lots of laughs.

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