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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day 04 - What I Imagine Paradise To Be Like

I don't have anything fancy in mind... Just good company, good music and good food will do.

I want to be able to be around the people I love, and do things I love doing. Like, have Chamber music jamming sessions, bowling (Guan Yu!), watch movies etc. Anything that makes me feel happy, generally.

On a different note, we went bowling last night! That was after watching Johnny English in Vivo City, then Xing Lin drove down to East Coast (if I remember correctly) and passed by Marine Bowling, so we figured: what the heck.

Marine Bowl:

Our Score Board:

Our scores got better the 2nd game la. All of us bowled into the longkang (drain) the first few throws hahaha. Got the hang of it after that though.

Ok I'm gonna go watch videos to keep myself amused before bed time.


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