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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day 03 - The 5 Songs You Would Have With You on a Deserted Island and Why

I'm not including my Classical favorites in here ONLY because it says "songs", and Classical compositions should ALWAYS be referred to as "pieces".

So here's my list of the 5 SONGS that I would have with me on an island and why.

Song 1: I Miss You Like Crazy, Dream


Because it's a sweet song (albeit repetitive, I know), so sue me. I like light-hearted songs, and if I were stuck on an island, this would help me NOT freak out!

Song 2: Asuwa Kuru Kara (Because Tomorrow Will Come), DBSK


Because hearing their awesome voices on a deserted island would be nothing short of paradise. AND this is the first song that I fell in love listening to when they first started making it big in Asia. PLUS, it's one of the rare k-pop songs with interesting chord progressions. I'll NEVER get tired listening to this.

Song 3: Here I Am, 4Men & Mi (OST from Secret Garden)


I love how there's a cello playing in the background. *wink* And I think the male and female voices' textures blend very well together.

Song 4: I Know, Lee Seung Hyun (Seung-Ri from Big Bang) Feat. IU


It's fun, cute and perfect for easy-listening. I love the harmony (it's not overly repetitive), melody and lyrics (go Google it), and it helps that they harmonize. LOVE it when they do that.

Song 5: My Little Princess, DBSK


It's a capella. Need I say more? Yes, Jae Joong looks pretty darn gay in this vid, but their voices sound like magic, and the rest (Yun Ho, Jun Su, Chang Min and Yoo Chun) pretty much make up for Jae Joong's lack of err... manliness.

*sticks out tongue*

Yes, I'm pro K-pop. But that's because I can no longer stomach the rubbish that come out of our Western counterparts. I still listen to English oldies, but give me Big Bang over Justin Bieber any day.

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