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Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 02 - Something That Inspires You

Good music.

Definitely good music.

Or rather, whatever sounds nice to my ears cause everyone has a different perception towards "good" music.

Anything ranging from Beethoven's 7th Symphony to Elgar's Nimrod (MUST LISTEN!), to Mahler's 2nd Symphony Finale, to Bernstein's West Side Story, to sappy Pop songs and K-pop stuff with English lyrics that don't make sense...

It depends what I'm in the mood for, but mostly anything with good /interesting chord progressions will do wonders for me.

I'm really thankful that my parents were super supportive of my career choice since day 1. Although what I decided to specialize in might have surprised them a little, they're okay as long as I'm happy doing what I do.

Yay to having awesome parents! *grin*

But anyways, good music definitely inspires me.

Here I leave you with a little something that still sends chills up my spine whenever I listen to it:

Good stuff.

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