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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 01 - Guilty Pleasure

Shopping trip to get some stuff I needed + wanted.

Took the new Circle Line MRT to Harbourfront:

I swear, it's damn convenient. Going to Vivo now only takes me 15mins!

Bought a little something for someone. *wink*

Charles Parker, London
 Cuff links!

Nice right?!

Mask sheets from TheFaceShop:

Some essentials:
Left: Hair serum (Essential), Eau De Toilette and Shower Gel (The Body Shop)
Tried on the dress I've been eyeing for AGES - @the Island Shop. There was only S/M/XL on the racks so I asked if they had it in XS (cause it was a little too big around the arms) and I was secretly hoping that he'd say no then I have an excuse NOT to get it. But they do, only it's in Orchard Tangs. O_O The dude offered to bring it over so that I don't have to go personally, so I said okay!

Please tell me the dress is nice so I don't regret it!

Bought 2 belts! Very cheap!

The darker one was from Forever 21, and the Pleated Brown one is from Tangs! Both on discount! 

Indulged in my Starbucks craving:
Low Fat Cafe Latte
Bought nuts for myself + family:

Bought this for Guan Yu when I was at Clementi to bank in a cheque:
Skipping Rope!

*          *          *

Ok I'm gonna go memorize my Jap dialogue now. Got class tomorrow and I'm SUPER under-prepared. Don't wanna look like an idiot in class.


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