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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Claris Music Opening at KL Festival City

Yes, the old Setapak branch has moved into a proper shopping mall-lot!

*** all pictures taken from my trusty iPhone unless otherwise stated***

My outfit for the event:
Dress from The Island Shop, Tangs
We got there early only to find my dad dripping in sweat and running about doing last-minute stuff:

Congratulatory bouquets:

Mom and dad:

Me helping Wee Qin set up the iPads for my dad's speech:
From left: Wee Qin, Me
Picture credits: Roy
Dad (he finally changed out of his sweaty shirt and pants) and Uncle Nelen sitting with the Managing Director of Yamaha Music Malaysia, Mr Mamoru Okazaki:
From left: dad, Mr Okazaki and Uncle Nelen
Picture credits: Roy
1st performance:

"Following the Wind":

Opening ceremony:


Taking pictures:

Roy playing "Winter Games - David Foster" on the Mini Stagea:

Highlight of the day - Buffet Lunch:

Huge crowd:

Beatspot section:
Grand Piano
Picture time!
From left: Aunty Tze Siew, Philip, Mom, Me, Aunty Guey Shian
Picture Credits: Roy
It was all very exciting. . . too bad I couldn't stay for the events lined up the rest of the day because I had to catch my bus back to Singapore. *sad face*

Be sure to check out the new Claris Music (Yamaha) Setapak branch at KL Festival City!


Lam Guan Yu said...

lol this is gonna sound really geeky but.. i thought of what i learnt in biology class 'okazaki fragments' when i read 'Mr Okazaki' ><

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