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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Day 07- Favorite cover of your favorite song

I wouldn't say this is my favorite song of all time, because I usually either like the cover better than the original, or prefer the original over the cover. This is the only song (so far) that I like BOTH original and the cover.

Here I Am, from the K-Drama "Secret Garden".

This is the original:

This is the cover:


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Claris Music Opening at KL Festival City

Yes, the old Setapak branch has moved into a proper shopping mall-lot!

*** all pictures taken from my trusty iPhone unless otherwise stated***

My outfit for the event:
Dress from The Island Shop, Tangs
We got there early only to find my dad dripping in sweat and running about doing last-minute stuff:

Congratulatory bouquets:

Mom and dad:

Me helping Wee Qin set up the iPads for my dad's speech:
From left: Wee Qin, Me
Picture credits: Roy
Dad (he finally changed out of his sweaty shirt and pants) and Uncle Nelen sitting with the Managing Director of Yamaha Music Malaysia, Mr Mamoru Okazaki:
From left: dad, Mr Okazaki and Uncle Nelen
Picture credits: Roy
1st performance:

"Following the Wind":

Opening ceremony:


Taking pictures:

Roy playing "Winter Games - David Foster" on the Mini Stagea:

Highlight of the day - Buffet Lunch:

Huge crowd:

Beatspot section:
Grand Piano
Picture time!
From left: Aunty Tze Siew, Philip, Mom, Me, Aunty Guey Shian
Picture Credits: Roy
It was all very exciting. . . too bad I couldn't stay for the events lined up the rest of the day because I had to catch my bus back to Singapore. *sad face*

Be sure to check out the new Claris Music (Yamaha) Setapak branch at KL Festival City!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

You know you're back in Malaysia when...

You see things like this:

Really bad grammar

And this:

How bad can your driving skills be?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Day 06 - My Earliest Memory

It would have to be when I was about 4 years old, and my mom was pregnant with my sis. I remember sitting on my parents' bed and asking them if I'm getting a sister or brother, cause I didn't want another brother.

Lo and behold, I got a sister!

Who acts like a dude anyway so she might as well have been a bro. LOL! My brother is more narcissistic than she and I combined.

I know. . . It's like their genders should have been switched. Bleh~

Anyways, I've got more updates coming up soon, so stay tuned!

*this is a half-assed post cause I've just gotten back to Singapore and realized that I haven't blogged the past 3 days*

Friday, 21 October 2011

Sweet Tooth

Wynne very generously treated a few of us (who helped perform and record her work) to dinner and dessert at Swensens 2 days ago.

My Baked Spaghetti Bolognese:

The meatballs were fab. Apart from being a little too salty, it was great. Not too filling, and that's saying a lot - coming from a person who doesn't eat much.

Vincent's Beef Burger:

The egg look divine dunnit?

Karen's Mushroom Soup:

Yes, the bowl IS made out of bread. How cool is that?

Wynne's Hot Dog:

Lol. She was like: processed meat is my best friend. O_O

I didn't get pictures of what Ryan ate though. It was a fish-something, I think. But anyways, we ordered a regular "Earthquake" after we were done with our main course.


Flavors: Butterscotch, Chewy Sticky Chocolate, Rocky Road, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Peanut Buttercup, Vanilla, Mocha Almond Fudge.

Toppings: Since there were 8 toppings and we had 8 ice cream flavors, we just asked for one of each. 

Verdict: do NOT get the pineapple topping. I don't mind pineapple (usually) but having it with ice cream is just... weird. And Blueberry jam topping with mocha ice cream tastes kinda funky as well.

Wynne's cherry stalk knot:

Vincent was making our ice cream platter into a disgusting bowl of goo:

Another one of Vincent's masterpieces:

Would definitely pay Swensens another visit when I can!

For more info on their menu, branches, etc. . . visit this LINK!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Day 05 - A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life

Dear Mommy...

Hi! *awkward*


Well, for starters, thank you for not letting me give up playing the violin although I was very very close to doing so. And of course, supporting me all the way in the path I chose as a career - not many Asian parents would encourage their child to pursue music for tertiary studies. *frown*

I know our relationship sort of went south when I attended secondary school far from home and didn't take school work as seriously as I should have, but I wouldn't have done anything differently even if I could turn back time. In fact, I'd probably take more time to practice if I could do it all over again, then perhaps I won't be having such a tough time coping now.

Yes, yes, yes... I can imagine you going "I told you so..."

Anyways, I'm happy and thankful that we've "patched" things up. I don't know how it happened, but I love how our family is so much more closely knit compared to a few years ago. As the saying goes, blood IS thicker than water, and I always look forward to coming home for short breaks and holidays.

I wouldn't say that you "changed" my life, but you (and the rest of our family) have always been the constant(s) in it. And for that, I'm eternally grateful.

Ooh! And of course - I must mention this - thanks a million for letting me have both ABRSM (British) and YAMAHA (Japanese) musical training. I'm definitely gonna do the same thing for my kids (if I have any) in future. Hahaha!

Err... I'm really bad at this aren't I? I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks for always being there for me, and if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be where I am now.

See you this Friday!!

Lots of love,

My Mom Is Awesome!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day 04 - What I Imagine Paradise To Be Like

I don't have anything fancy in mind... Just good company, good music and good food will do.

I want to be able to be around the people I love, and do things I love doing. Like, have Chamber music jamming sessions, bowling (Guan Yu!), watch movies etc. Anything that makes me feel happy, generally.

On a different note, we went bowling last night! That was after watching Johnny English in Vivo City, then Xing Lin drove down to East Coast (if I remember correctly) and passed by Marine Bowling, so we figured: what the heck.

Marine Bowl:

Our Score Board:

Our scores got better the 2nd game la. All of us bowled into the longkang (drain) the first few throws hahaha. Got the hang of it after that though.

Ok I'm gonna go watch videos to keep myself amused before bed time.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day 03 - The 5 Songs You Would Have With You on a Deserted Island and Why

I'm not including my Classical favorites in here ONLY because it says "songs", and Classical compositions should ALWAYS be referred to as "pieces".

So here's my list of the 5 SONGS that I would have with me on an island and why.

Song 1: I Miss You Like Crazy, Dream


Because it's a sweet song (albeit repetitive, I know), so sue me. I like light-hearted songs, and if I were stuck on an island, this would help me NOT freak out!

Song 2: Asuwa Kuru Kara (Because Tomorrow Will Come), DBSK


Because hearing their awesome voices on a deserted island would be nothing short of paradise. AND this is the first song that I fell in love listening to when they first started making it big in Asia. PLUS, it's one of the rare k-pop songs with interesting chord progressions. I'll NEVER get tired listening to this.

Song 3: Here I Am, 4Men & Mi (OST from Secret Garden)


I love how there's a cello playing in the background. *wink* And I think the male and female voices' textures blend very well together.

Song 4: I Know, Lee Seung Hyun (Seung-Ri from Big Bang) Feat. IU


It's fun, cute and perfect for easy-listening. I love the harmony (it's not overly repetitive), melody and lyrics (go Google it), and it helps that they harmonize. LOVE it when they do that.

Song 5: My Little Princess, DBSK


It's a capella. Need I say more? Yes, Jae Joong looks pretty darn gay in this vid, but their voices sound like magic, and the rest (Yun Ho, Jun Su, Chang Min and Yoo Chun) pretty much make up for Jae Joong's lack of err... manliness.

*sticks out tongue*

Yes, I'm pro K-pop. But that's because I can no longer stomach the rubbish that come out of our Western counterparts. I still listen to English oldies, but give me Big Bang over Justin Bieber any day.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 02 - Something That Inspires You

Good music.

Definitely good music.

Or rather, whatever sounds nice to my ears cause everyone has a different perception towards "good" music.

Anything ranging from Beethoven's 7th Symphony to Elgar's Nimrod (MUST LISTEN!), to Mahler's 2nd Symphony Finale, to Bernstein's West Side Story, to sappy Pop songs and K-pop stuff with English lyrics that don't make sense...

It depends what I'm in the mood for, but mostly anything with good /interesting chord progressions will do wonders for me.

I'm really thankful that my parents were super supportive of my career choice since day 1. Although what I decided to specialize in might have surprised them a little, they're okay as long as I'm happy doing what I do.

Yay to having awesome parents! *grin*

But anyways, good music definitely inspires me.

Here I leave you with a little something that still sends chills up my spine whenever I listen to it:

Good stuff.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 01 - Guilty Pleasure

Shopping trip to get some stuff I needed + wanted.

Took the new Circle Line MRT to Harbourfront:

I swear, it's damn convenient. Going to Vivo now only takes me 15mins!

Bought a little something for someone. *wink*

Charles Parker, London
 Cuff links!

Nice right?!

Mask sheets from TheFaceShop:

Some essentials:
Left: Hair serum (Essential), Eau De Toilette and Shower Gel (The Body Shop)
Tried on the dress I've been eyeing for AGES - @the Island Shop. There was only S/M/XL on the racks so I asked if they had it in XS (cause it was a little too big around the arms) and I was secretly hoping that he'd say no then I have an excuse NOT to get it. But they do, only it's in Orchard Tangs. O_O The dude offered to bring it over so that I don't have to go personally, so I said okay!

Please tell me the dress is nice so I don't regret it!

Bought 2 belts! Very cheap!

The darker one was from Forever 21, and the Pleated Brown one is from Tangs! Both on discount! 

Indulged in my Starbucks craving:
Low Fat Cafe Latte
Bought nuts for myself + family:

Bought this for Guan Yu when I was at Clementi to bank in a cheque:
Skipping Rope!

*          *          *

Ok I'm gonna go memorize my Jap dialogue now. Got class tomorrow and I'm SUPER under-prepared. Don't wanna look like an idiot in class.