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Monday, 19 September 2011

Sunday with the Family

It's been awesome being back home. *beams*

Went for breakfast with the family today at a DimSum place in Connaught. 
"Char Siew Sou"
Egg Tart 

"Char Siew Pao"
"Siew Mai"
"Foo Chuk Kuen"
Our table of yumminess
My mom and I headed to the grandma's place in PJ to visit after that. Kept her company and learnt how to shift her more effectively with some profession guidance given by my aunt's church friend and her daughter - who's a qualified nurse.

I wouldn't say she (grandma) was in the best of spirits, but she's coping. All that we can do is support and keep telling her she shouldn't give up.

We came back home to freshen up and change before meeting Wee Qin at Pavilion.

Dinner was at Tony Roma's:

Red Wine

Chicken Tenderloin Platter:

Grilled BBQ Chicken Sandwich:

Salad with Chunk of Chicken (ok that's not the official name, I forgot alright?):

Beef & Bacon Sandwich:

Chicken Pesto Linguine:

Shrimp and Salmon with Rice and Broccoli:

After dinner (and lots of laughs), we headed to TANGS cause I wanted to look for the dress I mentioned in the previous blog post to see if the price was any different, but no... they didn't have it. And just between you and me, some of the new designs and colors are too ----- old-looking.

So we ended up at Parkson's, and I tried on this dress:

It's got a pretty awesome train. The only thing that stopped me from buying it is that I was paranoid that I would trip over on stage if I wore that. Bleh.


It's ok, it's ok... Guan Yu just mentioned that she found a shop in Singapore that stocks pretty awesome dresses so I'll go check out that one before I make any hasty decisions. Wee Qin said that I should get it (the dress) early because when the time comes and you REALLY need to find one, you'll NEVER find it - and then have to settle for second best.

Urgh. Dress hunting is SO not my thing.

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